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Now, more than 94% of eligible candidates* may potentially benefit from Advanced CustomVue laser vision correction. Chances are good that could mean you!

Whether you are farsighted, nearsighted (even very nearsighted), or have any form of astigmatism, you may be one of the millions who could benefit from the FDA-approved Advanced CustomVue procedure.

What could that mean to you?
Clinical studies presented to the FDA show that the Advanced CustomVue procedure can potentially produce better vision than is possible with glasses or contact lenses.

Advanced CustomVue is the upgraded version of CustomVue, using the brand new VISX STAR S4 IR laser with IR technology.

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Learn more about this innovative procedure with our walk-through movie here!

* Market Scope Data, U.S. Vision Population, 21 Years of Age or Older, 2005
Advanced CustomVue and VISX are trademarks of VISX, Incorporated.

Why Advanced CustomVueâ„¢?
The Advanced CustomVue individualized laser vision correction procedure from Advanced Medical Optics (AMO) is on the forefront of precision vision correction. One of the reasons for its success is that the Advanced CustomVue procedure measures and corrects the unique imperfections of each individual's eyes.

More doctors in the United States choose VISXâ„¢ Technology lasers from AMO to perform laser vision correction than all other lasers combined. After earning its reputation for innovation, safety and accuracy, AMO took laser vision correction to the next level by combining a remarkable array of technologies to create the Advanced CustomVue procedure.

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